Garden Waste Bag offers a monthly collection service. You fill the bag and we remove it. All waste is processed and fully recycled. Additional Collections are available on Request (additional fees apply) making it possible to have your gardens presentable for all occasions.


Monthly Garden Bags Collection $20pm
Once Off Garden Bag Collection $26ea
Extra Pickups throughout the Month Request a Pickup Here (Existing Customers) $20ea
No Hidden Fees or Charges
Discounts / Offers
Book and Pay 12 months up front and receive 1st Collection FREE
Get a BAG NOW. Completing our Online Application Here or Call Us during business hours on (07) 4780 5140.


Garden Waste Bags
Garden Waste Bags for monthly collection and anywhere in between. All Garden Waste is recycled.

Incorrectly Loaded Bag

We at Garden Waste Services request you do not over fill you garden waste bag as per sample attached, this will incur and additional service fee of $11.00 for bulk waste, or Garden Waste Services will remove overloaded bulk waste and leave for you to dispose of.  On extreme occasions your bag may not be collected and removed.

Correctly Loaded Bag

We request that your garden waste bag is not filled past the fold over flap to ensure safe transport and disposal, our service driver will and does appreciate your co-operation in assisting us in this matter.